Ergonomically designed soft grip handle adds comfort in handheld use
Please note that the spot lens is acrylic but the main lens is made of glass
Wider field of view with the 3.3 inch x 2 inch lens was designed for reading

9,49$16,45$ 8,99$16,45$ (as of 25 March 2017, 3:30)

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If durability is what you want, the SureGrip Series Hand Held Magnifiers from Carson Optical is what you’re searching for. Slightly priced, these magnifiers are each equipped with a 2x power magnification and a 10x power spot lens (built into the handle) for close up inspection. The SureGrip magnifiers are all ergonomically designed with rubberized handles with built-in finger grooves to rest comfortably in the palm of your hand. Each of these magnifying lenses are securely held in place and safe by a full, heavy duty plastic rim. The SureGrip Series magnifiers are available in four different styles. The SG-10 (3.5 inch) and the SG-16 (3.3 inch x 2.0 inch) both contain glass lenses Whilst the lenses on the SG-12 (4.3 inch lens) and SG-14 (5.0 inch lens) contain acrylic lenses. Whilst the acrylic styles are larger and lighter in weight, the glass lenses are less prone to scratching and allow for a rather higher light transmission for sharper, clearer images. Glass lenses also tend to magnify a little bit more because of the density of the glass. Then again, the acrylic styles will cover a wider field of view and are easier to navigate with because of the lighter weight of the lens. The SG-16 style is a bit more unique in that it has a rectangular shaped lens which makes it easier on the eyes for reading. The SG-16 also contains fold out, sturdy legs that allows the magnifier to rise up on its own for hand-held or hands-free usage. A soft padded, zippered case is included with every magnifier to offer protection to the lenses from scratching and dust. The SureGrip Series magnifiers are perfect for everything from reading, crafts, hobbies, inspection and so much more! At Carson, we strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of our magnifiers. We are so confident in our magnifiers that we back them with a Lifetime Limited Warranty! Carson will repair or replace your magnifier if it is found to have manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. Please contact Carson for additional warranty details.


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